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Lesnes Abbey Wood
Lesnes Abbey Wood

Lesnes Abbey Woods are an 88 hectares Local Nature Reserve in the London Borough of Bexley. More noted for the ruins of Lesnes Abbey and for the 69 hectares of woodland walks, this is the site of a famous fossil location dating where rocks dating to the late Palaeocene and early Eocene 50 to 60 million years ago are exposed. As a Site of Special Scientific Interest the fossil beds cover some 6 hectares but a small section is open to the public, school parties and organised groups (parties however must have prior permission from the park Ranger service).


   Chalk Pit
Chalk Pit
Information Board
Information Board


Wall Art
Information Board at the Fossil Pit


Coryphodon Sculpture

This timber sculpture is at the entrance to the Fossil Pit. Coryphodon was a pantodont, a placental mammal and a member of the world's first group of large browsing mammals. It was about the same size as the modern day tapir. Fossils of these animals are common across North America but isolated specimens have also been found in Europe and Asia. A specimen of Coryphodon gosseleti was discovered at Lesnes Abbet Fossil Pit in the 1800s.


The Fossil Pit
The Fossil Pit

The fossil bed contains many types of fossils from the Eocene era about 54.5 million years ago. The main fossils found today are sharks' teeth and seashells although mammal, bird and reptile remains have been found here in the past.


June 2020
Sample of Shells
Sample of Bivalve Shells

Left - Caestocorbula sp.
Middle (Top) - Lentidium arnouldi
Middle (Bottom) - a specimen of the trace fossil boring Oichnus paraboloides attributed to the marine snail Euspira sp. (see below) in a Lentidium arnouldi shell
Right - the oyster Ostrea bellovacina.


July 2020

Sand Shark Tooth
Sand Shark Tooth - Jaekelotodus robustus
  Burrowing Sponge
Trace fossil of the Burrowing Sponge -
Entrobie sp.
Gastropod - Odostomia sp.
Gastropod - Euspira sp.
Gastropod - Brotia melanoides
Gastropod - Tympanotus funatus
Gastropod - Mirula plicatula


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