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The Museum is not at present open to the public due to lack of suitable premises in which to display the collection, but its work continues by maintaining and supplementing the numerous specimens we hold and by publishing information on the geological sciences both in print and through our website

Our website has grown dramatically over the past year and space on a second fileserver has kindly been provided by the Virgin Group to accommodate our needs.

The acquisition during the year of digital photographic equipment has meant that we can now easily and cheaply publish an e-Catalogue of images of the major specimens in the collection as well as record our findings during field trips.

2001/2002 saw the launch of a major fund-raising project canvassing support from organisations known to support museums and from local geology related industries. On the whole, responses were very disappointing, however, I am pleased to report that three organisations have expressed an interest in our aims, The Community Fund (part of the National Lottery), The Idlewild Trust and the Lady Neville Charity. We shall be actively pursuing applications with these institutions over the next few months.

Due to countryside access restrictions following last years foot and mouth disease outbreaks no field trips were made during the 2001/2002 year.

Our income was up 24.4% over 2000/2001 and fixed assets, together with assets held in trust, showed healthy growth of 11.9%. Administration costs remain pegged at 2000/2001 levels of 2% per annum.

Brian R J Glover

Department of Palaeontology

Acquisitions by Purchase

The Museum acquired a number of specimens from rock and fossil fairs around the south east including:

Two fine leg bones were acquired from G&B Butler of Tunbridge Wells. Both specimens were dregdged from the sandbanks of the North Sea off the coast of the Netherlands.

Department of Geology

Acquisitions by Field Trip

Acquisitions by Donation
Acquisitions by Purchase

The Museum Web-Site -

The website contains descriptions of the Museum, its aims and the scope of its collection, but more importantly, contains sections on where to go to see geological and palaeontological attractions and sites, where to go to collect rocks and fossils and also lists world news of earthquakes, volcanic activity, mining developments and major fossil finds.

There are special pages devoted to background and reference information on geology and pages including write-ups of Museum field trips and expeditions together with reports on the research that we undertake.

The website also contains numerous useful links to museums, institutions and commercial organisations around the world that display, exhibit, promote or exploit the science of geology.

Library & Resource Centre

Our library holdings continue to be the fastest growth area of the Museum with materials currently available including:-

Information Leaflets221
Scientific Papers21
Magazines & Publications347
U.K. Newspaper Extracts117
Video & Audio Tapes11
College Prospectuses70
Newsfiles (held electronically)5009

Electronic Newsfiles
Extra-terrestrial Geology105
The Film Industry56
Articles Abstract14

We are grateful to the various news agencies around the world that supply us with up to the minute information on fossil finds, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, including Reuters, Associated Press, PR Newswire, Français Press Association and Deutsche Press Association.

Looking to the Future

As a first step towards our long term goal of acquiring new premises our plans include a joint venture with the Thames Groundwork Trust to open a visitor centre at Beacon Wood Country Park, near Dartford, Kent. This will raise the profile of the Museum in the community and provide a physical presence that will inspire interest from local sponsors.

We shall also be following up the grant-in-aid applications we made last year to help complete the research resources available through our library.

The extra server space and digital imaging facilities now at our disposal will help in restructuring the museum website and providing photograph galleries of our major specimens.

Notes to the Accounts

1. Museum Expenditure

As a non profit making organisation, the Museum aims to spend the minimum possible on administration and overheads so that funds can be channelled into curation of the collection and the acquisition of display equipment and new specimens.

2. Tangible fixed assets and depreciation

Fixed assets at 31st March 2002 are stated at the lower of (a) cost, less provision for depreciation - if originally purchased by the Museum, or (b) net realisable value, less provision for depreciation - if the asset was originally donated free of charge.

Depreciation is provided on a straight line basis, and is calculated on historical amounts, after providing for any permanent diminution in value. The period of depreciation being the estimated life of the asset subject to the maxima shown below and commencing when the capital expenditure was incurred or on acquisition of the asset by donation.
Type of assetMaximum period
Computer equipment10 years
Laboratory and display equipment20-40 years

Estimated lives and residual values of individual items are reviewed periodically and amended when circumstances change.

3. Disposals

No specimen in the collection is considered to be a disposable asset - the Museum's charter provides strict safeguards and restrictions on disposals of the specimens themselves.

Asset values shown represent the estimated replacement cost of the collection and is calculated for insurance purposes only.

The nominal amount shown for disposals is an assessment of the value of plants lost through die-off from the Museum's Botanical Department.

4. Interest Receivable

Interest is received gross of tax each April 5th.

5. Prior Year Adjustments

All specimens collected by field trip are given a nominal asset value. This value has been increased from 10p to 25p each to reflect current market values. Similarly, values of some botanical specimens - originally valued at actual purchase price - have been revised in line with the purchase cost of specimens of similar maturity.

Balance Sheet

Position as at 31st March 2002

Gift Shop Sales0.000.00
Stock in Hand719.35719.35
Cash In Hand1.851.83
Interest Received0.000.02

Purchase of Fixed Assets390.97100.53
Operating Costs559.82676.98


Interest Received0.000.02
Cash in Hand1.851.83
Stock in Hand719.35719.35

Position as at 31st March 2002

OPENING BALANCE2724.193519.72
plus Acquisitions660.7316.23
Prior Year Adj.436.180.00
less Disposals61.0610.46
less Depreciation394.70351.30
CLOSING BALANCE3365.342724.19

Working Capital721.20721.20
Value of Collection11645.8410605.89
Current Assets25.9625.96
Fixed Assets3365.342724.19
TOTAL ASSETS15758.3414077.24

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