Swanscombe Man display at Craylands Leisure Centre
Bluewater, Dartford
This, the site of a disused gravel quarry, is now a registered SSSI - Site of Special Scientific Interest, where the remains of Swanscombe Man were discovered in 1935.

The site is also famous for the tens of thousands of flint implements and ice age mammal fossils that have been found there.

A replica of the Swanscombe Man skull (dated at 250,000 years old) can be seen in the foyer of Swanscombe Leisure Centre in Craylands Lane - the original is in the Natural History Museum, London.

Swancombe Leisure Centre is open seven days a week 9.30am - 11pm Monday to Saturday, 10am - 11pm on Saturdays on Sundays - although the site itself is open anytime. Telephone 01322 385183 for further information.
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