The Collection

The collection is divided into a number of Departments:-

Department of Palaeontology

Ammonite Group from the Devonian of Morocco Click to Zoom: file size 95kb

Our collection places most emphasis on British fossils, particularly those from Kent and the south-east. The fossils in our collection range from two billion year old algae to Neolithic tools dating from only a few thousand years ago.

Department of Geology

Calcite Crystal Geode Click to Zoom: file size 77kb

This holds our collection of rocks, minerals and gemstones from around the world. This Department also hosts our growing collection of extra-terrestrial objects such as meteorites and tektites.

Botanical Department

Selaginella Click to Zoom: file size 141kb

Part of our 'Living Fossils' collection all of the plants maintained here are survivors known from the fossil record and help our understanding of the eco-systems that existed millions of years ago.

Department of Zoology

Triops Click to Zoom: file size 57kb

Part of our 'Living Fossils' collection all of the animals maintained here are survivors known from the fossils record.

Display Department

The Beagle Click to Zoom: file size 190kb

As well as looking after the many pictures, paintings and visual exhibits within the museum this is where many of our display models are designed and constructed. See dioramas of past life, a model of the ship that Darwin used in his travels to South America and The Galapagos Islands, a north sea oil rig, open cast quarry and many more.

Library and Resource Centre

The library contains over 21000 items including books, periodicals, news articles, maps, together with brochures and leaflets of geologically famous localities around the world.

The resource centre contains a number of computer based packages, together with audio/video cassettes and DVDs covering many aspects of geology. Research materials are held appropriate to all ages from the kindergarten child interested in dinosaurs to the serious undergraduate studying for a degree in the Earth Sciences.

For prospective students of geology, prospectuses on all universities and colleges around the UK currently providing courses in the geological sciences are also available.

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